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26 Jun 2018
Merits of Professional Power Washing by All Pro

Merits of Professional Power Washing by All Pro

Power washing, which is also known as pressure washing, is the technique of using water to eliminate loose paint, dust, mold, grime and dirt from a building. It is an ideal idea to have your home power washed at least once a year. Your home deals with harsh weather and elements every day. That’s the reason you will notice a huge difference after you get your home power washed. There are number of merits of professional power washing.  

Can Improve Curb Appeal 

Most of homeowners spend thousands of dollars on home improvement projects that will improve curb appeal. Still, getting your home power washed is one of the simplest things that you can do in order to improve the appeal. In fact, you can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars if you power wash your house. Power washing is vital if you are planning to sell your home. The way the outside of your home looks to potential buyers is one of the things that will determine whether it will or will not sell. 

Keeps Your Family Safe 

The exterior of your house can have lots of contaminants including mold and mildew. Power washing can remove these harmful contaminants. This will be helpful to keep you and your family member safe. Power washing also remove slippery things such as algae, which can minimize the risk of falling. Furthermore, power washing will prevent the premature decay of your deck, porch and driveway. It is considered a form of preventative maintenance.  

Saves Your Money 

Power washing can help you save a lot of money because it is a form of preventative maintenance. If you have your home power washed, then you can reduce the need for costly repairs later on down the road.  

Saves Your Time 

Regular cleaning methods can take a long time to perform. You will have to mix solutions, climb ladders and scrub for hours. Regular cleaning methods do not produce the same results that power washing does. You will be able to save time and frustration by hiring a professional company to power wash your house.  

Can be Used on Various Surfaces 

House exterior is not only the place that can use power washing. It can be used to clean garage doors, outdoor grill, fence, swimming pool, outdoor furniture and decorative signs.  

Prepare Your Home for Renovation 

If you are planning to renovate your home in future, then you definitely want to get it power washed. All of the labels on paints can be sealant tubes state that a clean surface is needed. That is why power washing is an essential step. You may have a problem in painting or applying sealant if you do not have your home power cleaned before you attempt to do any type of renovation.  

 Are you in search of professional power washing? Then you are at the right place. Call All Pro Carpet & Tile Care and talk with our experts, they can guide you with the beneficial tips and help you with cleaning services. We provide commercial as well as residential professional pressure cleaning in Bakersfield and nearby areas. We also provide a wide range of cleaning services like tile & grout cleaning, pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. 

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18 Jun 2018
Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

The Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

  1. Choosing a rug which is too small

Buying small rugs is a leading mistake that usually done by the many homeowners tend to make. Before choosing, you should be sure about the size of the bed, chair, table and sofa amongst any large other items on the floor.

For instance, in a living room where you usually have parties and conversation, a rug should be big enough to ensure that all front legs of any furniture are on it. According to interior designer, you should step on a rug whenever you wake up. It means that it should not be the size of your bed but should be larger. It should at least have an extension of two feet on each side.

  1. Avoid layering

Layering is common mistake people tend to commit. This is an outcome of purchasing a too small rug. Do not buy rugs without knowing the right size of where you want to place it. There are people that cover their rugs using other rug to attempt to make them avoid dirt from kids or pet.

Layering makes your home look unkempt and unattractive. For homes with children, you can purchase a natural jute rug, which is easy to clean when it comes to dirt from kids or pet.

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  1. Afraid of patterns

Most people tend to think that decorating a room in one color or tone will make it beautiful. According to experts, having contrasting colors will create a happier space for you. Do not have brown walls, a brown couch, and a brown rug. This will make your home look flat and bland. Consult an interior designer if you are having trouble finding the right choice of pattern or tone that your room will suit. Be creative and innovative and make your home look like a paradise.

  1. Avoiding a rug pad.

Other things to think about before buying a rug, is rug pad. Rug pads are very important in homes. Rugs are known to dispel sliding and slipping. They make your underfoot maintain comfort, especially if you have a flat weave rug. Do not use rug tape in your home, as it will ruin your hardwood due to its sickness. You can contact your interior designer to ensure you buy the right rug pad for your rug.

Are you in search of professional rug cleaner? Then you are at the right place.

Call All Pro Cleaners and talk with our experts, they can guide you with beneficial tips and can help you with the rug cleaning services. We provide a wide range of rug cleaning services in Bakersfield and nearby areas.

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12 Jun 2018
Myths about Carpet Cleaning

All Pro Busting the Myths about Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a big investment in your home and enhances the appearance of the room, which gives warm and cozy feel. Bringing carpet home also brings a big responsibility to maintain it to get long time carpet look and feel. Yet still many homeowners are put off from having their carpet professionally cleaned because of carpet myths, which is passed in the name of free advices. Moreover, trust me it is still circulating. Therefore, we planned to bust out some of the most common myths about carpet cleaning.

Myth 1# My carpet will take days to dry after it is been cleaned by the professionals.

Unfortunately, there are many companies who still use product and techniques, which are outdated. These outdated products and techniques are main reason which leave a carpet soaking wet. An expertise cleaning company will have the knowledge not to get your carpet too wet in the instance and use ideal equipment with a powerful suction action, which will remove most of the moisture. Provided this is the case, then your carpet should dry within a couple of hours.

Myth 2# Carpets get dirty very fast after they have been cleaned

This myth we hear very often. This should not be the case provided the appropriate equipment, chemicals and processes utilized. A carpet only resoils if the cleaning agents used were not suitable for that type of carpet and stains, and if they were not remove properly from the carpet.  If any cleaning residues left will quickly attract dirt and dust. Again, the results depend on a conscientious carpet cleaner being able to recognize the type of carpet being cleaned and utilizing the ideal cleaning agents and techniques for that specific type of carpet combined with the right equipment.

Myth 3# Dry-clean is only the option for Wool Carpets.

While, there are certain issues affecting wool carpet, which do not affect other types of carpets, provided they are cleaned properly. There are very less risk factors with wet cleaning, if wool carpet are cleaned applying safe chemical cleaning agents and the temperature is maintain and not over wetted in the process. Hot water extraction is the ideal way to keep carpet looking wonderful. It provides powerful extraction machinery and facilitate drying with the use of turbo dryers where necessary.

Myth 4# If frequent cleaning is done my carpet will wear out.   

This statement is totally wrong. In fact, regular cleaning is vital to extract soil and ingrained dirt, which can damage the carpet fibers. This will prolong the life of the carpet.

Myth 5# All carpet cleaning processes are the same

You may have collected this from reading various websites but this is far from the reality. Whereas dry cleaning may benefit a little maintenance clean the best outcomes are those obtained through hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning, and preferably one where the equipment is truck mounted. In Fact, it’s a method of cleaning that is recommended by the most carpet manufacturers.

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Are you in search of professional carpet cleaning? Then you are at the right place. Call All Pro Carpet & Tile Care and talk with our experts, they can guide you with the beneficial tips and help you with carpet cleaning services. We provide commercial as well as residential professional carpet cleaning in Bakersfield and nearby areas. We also provide a wide range of cleaning services like pet odor removal, Tile and grout cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and power washing.

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05 Jun 2018
Upholstery Basic Stain Removal Tips

Upholstery Basic Stain Removal Tips 2018

If you are planning to buy a new upholstered furniture, it can be costly.

Do you own a sofa, chair or some other type of furniture, which has upholstery, and it is in a good condition, but needs some cleaning. Then, these upholstery-cleaning tips will help you to save your money and lots of time roaming for new furniture.

Mostly people will clean an existing piece of furniture and be very amazed at how incredible it looks. Considering that people and sometimes pets sit on furniture, it is no wonder it gets dirty.

Even old furniture can benefit from a good cleaning.

The solution for upholstered furniture is using the appropriate and best cleaning method for it.

For instance, if you have a vintage chair that is hand embroidered then it would require a totally different cleaning technique than a sofa cleaning agent bought from a local supermarket.

In this blog, we will go through various upholstery basic stain removal tips to make the job easy and valuable.

Getting the upholstery stain out

Managing a clean home is a part of maintaining a happy home where everyone love living. Talking about furniture, upholstery is just one aspect but an important one.

Just rethink people who all have eaten food sitting on the sofa and dropping bits of food or drink that brings stains. Then other possible way is the dirty feet, dirty cloths, and just regular wear and tear that can leave upholstery looking dirty. As in few time you are about to discover, getting those stains out, is very easy.

The most important thing is to make sure you select the cleaning method according to the fabric. If you are unaware about it, check the manufacturer’s information. Before you start cleaning the stain, our experts recommend you to try it on a corner part of a rug, just to ensure that no discoloration is done.

With that done, the following are a few of the more common stains found on upholstery and methods for removing them.

Cheese Stains

Cheese is one of the food, which is very usually found spilled on the upholstery. Again, things like nachos a favorite snack food but they leave stains.

For cheese:

  • Take one cup of warm water and add one teaspoon of mild, ph-balanced detergent.
  • Grab a clean white towel and blot the cheese stains.
  • Then add one tablespoon of regular ammonia with one-half cup of water, again blotting the stain
  • Lastly, to remove detergent or ammonia, blot the stain with a clean water.
  • Leave the area for some time to dry.

Returning home from school or work, if you sat down with a pen in your pocket and before you know it, a stain is left. Ballpoints pens, especially the blue one, are common stain makers but as you will discover with this upholstery cleaning tips, they too come out.

The solution is to be patient and persistent, as ink stain can be stubborn. However, make sure you only blot. Rubbing can make worse condition.

You can use multiple options such as:

  • Spray hairspray on a clean white towel and then dab at the stain, followed by blotting with a clean dry towel.
  • Grab isopropyl-rubbing alcohol with a towel. Again, blot the ink stain, followed by a dry towel.
  • Again, with a clean towel, apply acetone (nail polish remover). Blot the ink stain from the outside edges towards the center.
  • Using a clean towel apply spirits of turpentine, blotting as with the other treatment options.
  • Commercial products that work well on ink stains include carbona or Alfa. Use clean towel to dab the affected area.

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Are you in search of professional upholstery cleaner? Then you are at the right place. Call All Pro Carpet & Tile Care and talk with our experts, they can guide you with the beneficial tips and help you with upholstery cleaning services. We provide commercial as well as residential professional upholstery cleaning in Bakersfield and nearby areas. We also provide a wide range of cleaning services like pet odor removal, Tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and power washing.

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