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26 Mar 2019
Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Bakersfield, CA

Commercial carpets get messy very quickly, the reason is the carpet faces a lot of foot traffic of employees and clients. It is very important to have professional carpet cleaning services to enjoy multiple benefits.

This is bothering because unless and until your carpet has a visible blemish, you avoid professional carpet cleaning services. It might be a part of a regular cleaning routine, as an occasional vacuum job. Beyond that, there’s no need for it, correct? Wrong, it is actually mistaken.

Carpets face lots of beating on a daily basis, that the reason it needs regular maintenance. Unwanted particles such as dirt, dust, and salts can break things down slowly. Bad odor can also settle in the roots of the carpet if cleaning is not done properly.  

Carpet Issues in Offices

The first problem would be the piled up dirt and sand in the carpet, for eg: the minute particles. These will usually end up on the carpet as people come in and go out of your office.

During office carpet vacuuming only 85% is taken away, rest is left behind. In the end, you have to manage somehow and remove the left out particles or else these left out particles are not visible and needs a professional eye to deal with.

Another source would be food and related bits.

You cannot deny because there are many employees eat at their desks. This usually happens when people are more overworked, they more likely to eat on their desk while working. No matter how clean they are as they dine, there will be food particles that fall into the carpet. Spills are also parts of these, such as coffee and cold drinks.

The worse part of this is that if left behind, bacteria can infect the entire areas.  If you don’t clean these quickly, it could become a small scale health hazard. Moreover, this could also lead to mold, mildews, and fungal infection can also be a major issue.  

If cleaning is avoided these things can lead to the spread of pathogens and disease in the entire office. You will usually spot them in the areas where the environment is wet and warm, such as places near heavy-duty air-conditioning units. So make sure you give your full effort to keep your carpet clean and dry.

Skin flakes Can be an Issue

You might be aware that people shed skin. This isn’t something you can argue, because it’s a biological fact. The average human shred millions of flakes of skin a day. Some of it is in clothes and a number of them end up on the carpet. At last, there are bugs. Which are not visible to our naked eyes, but there are lots of bugs moving around in those fibers.

These are some most common issues a commercial carpet can face. So, it is vital to have regular carpet cleaning services at your office. A clean carpet with a hygienic workspace can enhance your productivity.

If you are a business owner or a property manager and looking for a commercial carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield, call All Pro Carpet Care. We have years of experience with the top class professionals delivering the top-notch services.

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16 Mar 2019
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How Often Your Office Needs Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Commercial carpet cleaning can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in Bakersfield. It’s a huge investment that facility managers want to save – but only if they don’t need to rip out and replace it!

Do you know what’s the genuine way to keep your carpet a longer and healthier? It’s regular professional cleaning.

We get frequent calls asking for commercial carpet cleaning as they become visibly soiled easily. We’re happy to help, but the time you see that your carpet is dirty, like in hallways and doorways, the dirt and grit have been there doing plenty of damage for quite some time. The time to clean it before it looks dirty.

Regular scheduling of carpet cleaning – once every 6 months, for instance – can remove the visible dirt and the “hidden” dirt that can quickly erode your carpet. Getting rid of these offenders will improve the look of your floor and, more importantly, will make it more durable and extend its life.

It not only freshen up the appearance of your carpet, but it also protects the carpet fibers from matting and crushing. The major reason behind this is continuous foot traffic, but our professional carpet cleaning will lift those fibers back where they’re supposed to be and get all that dirt and grime that’s been matted down with it.

How frequent carpets should be cleaned?

There are many things that contribute to making your carpet dull, stale odor, and disintegrating the strength of its fibers. If you notice any of the following things tracked in and through your commercial area, make sure you have professional cleaning every 4 to 6 months:  

  • Residual oils from car exhaust, factories, etc.
  • Sand entering from parking lots and certain types of production facilities.
  • Various chemicals used on grass and in manufacturing plants.
  • Fine dirt and grit that’s present on most outdoor surfaces.
  • Winter salt on carpets from parking lots and walkways.

What area do you need more frequent carpet cleaning services?

The area with high foot traffic, prepared food or that are open primarily to the elderly or very young will need carpet cleaning approximately every 3 months:  

  • Nursing homes
  • Medical facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Daycare facilities
  • Restaurants

Pro Tip:

You can reduce the frequency of cleaning requirements somewhat by putting out protective floor mats around high-traffic locations and where food is prepared or eaten, like break rooms, water coolers, elevators, and doorways. You can place protective floor mats around the high traffic areas to reduce the frequency of commercial carpet cleaning.

Give us a call and we can take care of your office carpet. We provide commercial carpet cleaning in Bakersfield and nearby areas.

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08 Mar 2019
Best upholstery cleaning

Unlock The Misconceptions About Hiring The Best Upholstery Cleaner

One of the essential plus challenging household routine tasks is upholstery cleaning. It is a vital job as it helps you maintain and improve the cleanliness of your property. Hiring professional and the best upholstery cleaner guarantees you cost-effective and efficient removal of dirt, stains, and debris in the upholstery fabric.

Since there are many companies in Bakersfield providing the couch cleaning service mainly known as upholstery cleaning, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Therefore, many homeowners have misconceptions and convictions with hiring the upholstery cleaning. These myths might mislead you. So, it is better to have knowledge about it before it mislead you.

Keeping this in mind, we have mentioned  common misconceptions that every homeowner in Bakersfield come across. Consider it and get in touch with the reputable upholstery service provider.

  1. Drying method is safe for upholstery cleaning

It is the common misconception among homeowners seeking for upholstery cleaning service. This is because most probably the issues arises like color bleeding, fabric shrinking or damage texture because of water based cleaning methods. On the other side, dry cleaning consist dry cleaning solvent which prevent color fading. So, depending on the issue they perform the methods for upholstery cleaning.

  1. Always clean with hot water

Yes, you can say hot water usage reduces the implementation of hard alkaline based detergent products causing issues like color fading. But, without knowing the material and nature of the upholstery fabric dye they do not recommend it to use hot water. Therefore, it is best to use mild hot water to protect your upholstery fabric.

  1. Synthetics are hassle-free

This is the myth! Because the usage of high temperature cleaning can spoil the fabric and cause discoloration. It is the belief that synthetics they are easy to clean and prone to fiber distortions. But, you cannot say it causes no damage.

Get In Touch With Upholstery Cleaning Service Provider

Keep your upholstered furniture neat and clean hiring the best upholstery cleaner in Bakersfield. They will help you clear all the confusion related to upholstery cleaning. All Pro Carpet & Tile Care is one of the leading upholstery cleaning service providers in Bakersfield. Over the years, we strive to deliver exceptional cleaning services at a reasonable price. For more details, contact us at 661-747-4441.