Carpet is a big investment in your home and enhances the appearance of the room, which gives warm and cozy feel. Bringing carpet home also brings a big responsibility to maintain it to get long time carpet look and feel. Yet still many homeowners are put off from having their carpet professionally cleaned because of carpet myths, which is passed in the name of free advices. Moreover, trust me it is still circulating. Therefore, we planned to bust out some of the most common myths about carpet cleaning.

Myth 1# My carpet will take days to dry after it is been cleaned by the professionals.

Unfortunately, there are many companies who still use product and techniques, which are outdated. These outdated products and techniques are main reason which leave a carpet soaking wet. An expertise cleaning company will have the knowledge not to get your carpet too wet in the instance and use ideal equipment with a powerful suction action, which will remove most of the moisture. Provided this is the case, then your carpet should dry within a couple of hours.

Myth 2# Carpets get dirty very fast after they have been cleaned

This myth we hear very often. This should not be the case provided the appropriate equipment, chemicals and processes utilized. A carpet only resoils if the cleaning agents used were not suitable for that type of carpet and stains, and if they were not remove properly from the carpet.  If any cleaning residues left will quickly attract dirt and dust. Again, the results depend on a conscientious carpet cleaner being able to recognize the type of carpet being cleaned and utilizing the ideal cleaning agents and techniques for that specific type of carpet combined with the right equipment.

Myth 3# Dry-clean is only the option for Wool Carpets.

While, there are certain issues affecting wool carpet, which do not affect other types of carpets, provided they are cleaned properly. There are very less risk factors with wet cleaning, if wool carpet are cleaned applying safe chemical cleaning agents and the temperature is maintain and not over wetted in the process. Hot water extraction is the ideal way to keep carpet looking wonderful. It provides powerful extraction machinery and facilitate drying with the use of turbo dryers where necessary.

Myth 4# If frequent cleaning is done my carpet will wear out.   

This statement is totally wrong. In fact, regular cleaning is vital to extract soil and ingrained dirt, which can damage the carpet fibers. This will prolong the life of the carpet.

Myth 5# All carpet cleaning processes are the same

You may have collected this from reading various websites but this is far from the reality. Whereas dry cleaning may benefit a little maintenance clean the best outcomes are those obtained through hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning, and preferably one where the equipment is truck mounted. In Fact, it’s a method of cleaning that is recommended by the most carpet manufacturers.

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