An outdoor patio is a fabulous place to flaunt the beauty of a house or to enhance the comfort for the members of the home. The key influencers to the look of an outdoor space are swimming pools, gardens with shrubbery, outdoor fireplace. Still, the tiles you use enhances the look of the area. Do you know which is the best tile for home patio?

According to experts recommendation, outdoor tiles need to be categorized by hardness, appearance and durability. At the end it’s up to you that you want the categories to be prioritized. Through research and expertise, we’ve suggest natural stone is the best tile for outdoor patios. Here’s why: First thing you need to do is to prioritize the qualities you are looking for in an outdoor tile.


Natural stone tiles are rated the highest when it comes to hardness, it because they stem from Earth. These tiles has become extremely popular just because of its hardness. Popularity of these tiles has grown so high that people always prefer natural stone tiles when it comes to home-related installations. Specifically, natural stone tiling (indoor and outdoor) and countertops are currently found in nearly every home.

There are variety of natural stones available in the textile market; consequently, it plays to your preference regarding which one fits your home and your ideals.

If talking about hardness, your best bets are granite or marble. These two are the hardest stones that will be able to withstand the hardest impacts without being damaged.


Natural stone tiles delineate a comfortable home look. they won’t necessarily stand out, but they blend perfectly with an outdoor setting. Still, certain stones do provide a stand out quality. For example, marble or limestone tile are bit more eye-catching than other natural stones, at least for outdoor purposes.

Most of natural stone tiles can be installed in various designs. It may cost you more to add colors or textures, but just be aware there is a ton of flexibility with natural stones tiles. They give a great look to your patio and you home backyard as a whole. I am 100% sure about it that you will be satisfied with the look of any natural stone tile.


Durability goes side by side with the hardness. Certainly, the harder a material is the more it will be able to stand up against natural wear and tear. Natural stones can resist heavy impacts; still, there are porous. In case you are not aware with the term, porous means the surface has small penetrable holes in it. Once liquid penetrates, it can create internal damage and then work it ways outward to the surface. Some of the natural stones are low in porosity. Granite and marble are the least porous of natural stones. On the opposite side of the table, stones like limestone and travertine are considerably porous. You need to seal these stones professionally to maximize it’s life.


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