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16 May 2018
professional power cleaning

Benefits of Professional Pressure cleaning

The exterior of your home gets dirty because of the dust. The wall and roof accumulates dust and dirt in the air and sometimes weather ruins the exterior look of the home. Over the course of the year, you may see the dulling of your exterior paints due to this.

There are many benefits of professional pressure cleaning, that the reason professionals recommend to pressure wash your exterior every year to keep your home look fresh, neat and clean.

A professional pressure cleaning is vital when you want to update the exterior paint on your home. Pressure washing helps to remove dirt, mildew and broken down paints residue that keeps fresh coats of paints and from adhering to your exterior surface. That’s the reason power washing is considered as the best cleaning option.

Furthermore, pressure cleaning has some other great benefits.

Improves curb Appeal:
Whenever spring knocks, homeowners spend lots of time working on renovating their landscaping and decorations, and your home’s exterior siding and fencing being clean should be no exception to the update.
Having your paint look new and clean adds to the overall look and feel, and is very necessary when you are planning to sell out your home. A fresh looking paint, free from peeling could be the difference between a scale or not for some prospective buyers.

Increases Home Value:
It is stated in the Consumer Report*, a good professional pressure cleaning along with required paint touch ups and siding replacements can help in increasing the value of the home. As said before these updates play a vital role when it comes to sell your home.

Precautionary things for your Home:
Time to time professional pressure cleaning will help to prevent grime and mildew from breaking down your house exterior, causing you to worry less about having to replace rotted wood and chipped paints. A professional pressure cleaning before you paint will help the new paint job last much longer than if you painted over dirty siding.

Defensive against lethal bacteria:
Home’s exterior walls, roofs accumulate dust, grime, mildew and other bacteria that are good to avoid, as some can be dangerous for our health. Approaching a professional pressure cleaning company yearly will help you to remove these lethal contaminants and keeps your house and family safe.

Are you in search of professional pressure cleaning? Then you are at the right place. Call All Pro Cleaners and talk with our experts, they can guide you with the beneficial tips and help you with cleaning services. We provide commercial as well as residential professional pressure cleaning in Bakersfield and nearby areas. We also provide a wide range of cleaning services in Bakersfield and nearby areas like tile & grout cleaning, pet odor removal, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and rug cleaning.
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07 May 2018
rugs for bedrooms

How can you choose rugs for bedrooms?

Which is the best rugs for bedrooms? How we can choose rugs for bedrooms? These are some frequently asked questions to us. If you also have same question, don’t worry sit and go through to the guidance on the subject shared through this blog.

Even though selecting a rug for your bedroom seems quite simple and straight forward, it’s often isn’t it. You just go the rug, carpet shop, and select the one, which appeals you the most, achieving instant success. However, in reality it can be very different. After bringing rug at home it also brings huge cleaning responsibilities. It is good if clean your rug regularly by home hacks but professional rug cleaning is important once a year. There are many advantages of professional rug cleaning.

So, let’s see how to select a rug for a room.

How to select a rug for your bedroom?
When you visit a rug, shop to buy a rug for your bedroom you should remember to bear the following things in your mind:

Light: Your room is exposed on which side? If your room is directed towards the north the natural light, you get will be cold, so try to avoid buying cold colors. Otherwise, you risk creating an unwelcoming atmosphere.

Color schemes: You can get tempted to the rug that is consistent with the color shade of your bedroom. Still this idea should be pondered carefully. Because very close match can make the room look neutral and boring. Always remember a strong contrast can create a positive vibrations and vibrant atmosphere.

Rug color: There are no specific rules for selecting the color of the rug. Simply bear the established rules of interior design in your mind. If your bedroom is too small, a dark rug will tend to absorb more light, making the room feel smaller. On the other hand, a very bright rug will brighten up the atmosphere.

Rug dimensions: Dimension of rug depends upon your requirement and budget. If you get a bigger carpet than your requirement, don’t worry place it partly under the bed.

Rug material: Materials depend upon the style you originally adopted for your bedroom, also on the current texture.

How to choose rugs for bedroom?
There are various styles of rugs. But here I’ll talk about the mainly preferred rugs. Let’s see which are they:

It depends on the decor of your bedroom. Here are some styles for suggestion:

Traditional Rug:
If you are a person with traditional taste and traditional furnished room, you might like handwoven Afghan rug. A traditional Mahal rug could be the perfect choice for you. Variety of colors are available in Mahal rugs. From pale color like light blue to very bold like red.

Rugs for bedrooms









Contemporary style:
If you have a bedroom of contemporary look and you prefer minimalist design concepts, you should go with modern rug. Remember that you can even get modern rug that is hand-knotted so there is no chance of compromise in quality.


Rugs for bedrooms








Formal style
If you want to make your room look like Queen Bedroom, then you have two choice that can give your room a rich look.
The first option is luxurious Persian silk rug. Silk rugs are very expensive but their amazing effects and their tactile effect; makes them worth it.

Rugs for bedrooms










The second option you have is; Kilim’s rug. It is considerably cheaper. It is made from a different material and is defined by its appealing designs and attractive colors.

rugs for bedrooms           










Rustic style
If you own a house with rustic and natural style bedroom, then Kilim rug is the best piece of décor for your bedroom. Kilim’s give you wide range of style to choose. From stripes to complex geometric patterns.

rugs for bedrooms









The most important thing is that you like your rug and feel comfortable with your choice. After all, there are few things worse than an unwanted item in the bedroom.

If you are still confused. Call All Pro Cleaners and talk with our experts, they can guide you with beneficial tips and can help you with cleaning services. We provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield and nearby areas.
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01 May 2018
Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

Home Tips to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

Everyone loves to decorate their house by covering floors with beautiful carpets and rugs but stains on it can ruin its look. Carpet can get dirty through food stain, coffee stain, dust and many more. Cleaning carpet is a backbreaking task and over that, it becomes more difficult when you have to remove oil stains from carpet. We have some methods lined up for you to clean your carpets. There is no need of extraordinary things to execute this job. These tasks can be executed using daily life household things.

Method 1: Using Baking Soda or Corn Starch

  1. First of all you need to apply baking soda or corn starch on the stained area thoroughly. These two reagents are great absorbents; they have the ability of absorbing the liquid oil from the carpet without staining it more or affecting the carpet. Don’t rub to harshly, scrub it firmly so it penetrates into the carpet fibers. You can use a utility brush for large oil stains, and an old toothbrush for small stains.
  2. Apply proper amount of baking soda or corn starch on the carpet let it settle on the stain for few minutes. Approx. 15-20 minutes, using a vacuum cleaner on it clean the carpet. The vacuum cleaner will suck the entire residue from the carpet.
  3. Add one-fourth teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to one quart of warm water. Make sure the dishwashing liquid is a lanoline or bleach free. Apply this water and dishwashing liquid to the stain directly. Blot the stain area of the carpet until the oil stain is no longer visible.

Method 2: Employing Rubbing Alcohol

  1. You might be shocked and thinking how alcohol and carpet cleaning relates? Don’t get confused, this is ethanol based liquid and also called as isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol). Yes, alcohol helps in removing carpet stains. Apply small amount of rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth or paper towel. Use this cloth or paper towel on the stain by rubbing it for a while and you can see the magic. However, you need to be careful, as it is highly inflammable so do not keep any fire objects near it.
  2. Rub alcohol on the affected area. Keep on rubbing until the stain removed. Repeat this process until the stain gets removed. After finishing this, wash the affected area on the carpet.

Method 3: Using Dry Cleaning Solvent

Carpet stains can removed using dry cleaning solvent. But you need to test it before applying on the carpet. First try on the carpet somewhere in the corner, so you can do a pre-test to check, if it leaves any mark or not. After the test done, then put the solvent on the carpet stained area. Let the solvent settle on the stain leave it for few minutes, and then rub it with a wet cloth on the area.

If your carpet is affected with more stains, repeats the procedure again to remove the rest of the stains.

 The advantages of using these reagents are as follows-

  • They are environment friendly.
  • They will not harm your body either.
  • They are available easily in every shop.

If this method does not work and you are still wondering how to get oil stains out of carpet, then you can call professional carpet cleaning at All pro carpet care. We provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield and nearby areas.

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25 Apr 2018
tips to remove coffee stains

Simple Tip to remove coffee stains

Our sitting lounge is the main room of our house, whenever friends or relatives come to meet us we spend time in the sitting lounge having good talks and coffee with snacks. It is a very common problem that coffee cup falls on the carpet and it ruins with stains. Especially at gatherings or when a child knocks it over and does not tell anyone. As this happens, we go in shock and making mad dash to fix it before you carpet gets permanent stain, we google for tips to remove coffee stains. Rapidness is essential in guaranteeing a stain is not left, but sometimes you are not aware until it is too late.

So how do you tackle stains?

Here are some tips to clean up the stains and avoid having to live with dirty looking carpet and we also have some home tips for carpet maintenance.

1. Blot the coffee stain while wet

If the stain is fresh, the best thing to do is blot the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel. Start from the outer part and by rubbing enter to the inner part of the stain. This will reduce the risk of spreading the stain further.

2. Use a simple mixture to wash

Make a solution, by adding 1 teaspoon of liquid soap, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. Apply the mixture to the stain using a clean cloth, bit at a time. Blot in between applications with a dry cloth. Carry on until the stain is gone.

3. Never, ever rub

Never try to rub the spills on the carpet, no matter what the situation is. Rubbing the spills pushes the coffee deep inside the carpet fibers. If you must rub in some cleaning solution, then rub the fibers between your fingers and avoid applying pressure.

4. If everything fails at home. Call us

If you have done every possible thing at home to remove the spill but stain is more stubborn than you are, call the professionals. No one like to leave the carpet in filthy condition. We have special products to deal with such coffee spills, with the knowledge of how to remove it effectively for your type of carpet.

All pro carpet care is the best carpet cleaning company in Bakersfield. We provide services in Bakersfield and nearby areas with exciting seasonal offers.

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19 Apr 2018
pet odor

Are you worried about pet odor in the car and your home?

Pets become the part of the family as we bring them to our house; pet owners know the advantages of having pets at home. Pets play an important role in one’s life, they are a good companion and very helpful for those people who live alone. However, sometimes they may use your bathroom or your car. You easily remove the stains with the help of cleaning agents, but the pet odor still lingers

Follow our simple removal tips to remove pet odor and smell fresh:

If your pet targets your home:
If your pet has a habit of urinating inside your house or loves to sit on carpets for hours and hours it is obvious that it will leave stains and odors. Let us see some ways to remove stains from the carpet. While stain can be easy to remove but the main target is to remove the pet odor. Once you have cleaned the carpet and the stains removed but the urine smell is still there on the carpet, your pet will target the same area repeatedly. Apply a neutralizer is the best way to get rid of the bad smell. Using an enzyme-based pet odor neutralizer is good for pet odor removal. The enzymes break down the urine, eliminating the odor.

You can also use air filters or air purifiers, which helps to create a breathable air inside your home. The air purifier filters the dust and danders. Their air filters are available in the market especially made for pet owners. The air filters come with built-in ionizers that help with air freshening and minimizing allergens.

If your pet targets your car:
Many pet owners love to take their dogs with them in the car when they travel. Even pets enjoy the car ride. However, no one like the lingering pet odor in the car. Pets cannot verbally communicate to us and tell us about the pee break. It may happen if you are on a long drive with your pet. Your pet can possibly have an accident inside your car. Then the cleaning responsibility comes on us to clean the soiled area right away. Prefer using cleaning agents that are safe for the interior of your car. Always keep an air fresher in the car, which will help you to remove the bad smell out of the car or you can also keep a bowl of baking soda in your car overnight, the baking soda will absorb the odor in overnight. Open the doors of the car and leave them to help air your car out, & dry the cleaning solutions you used.

An important note: You love to take your pets in the car when you travel and you make proper arrangements so they feel comfortable will travelling. On the other hand, you also need t protect the car interior or the upholstery. You can use a rubber sheet, beach towel or a blanket to cover the seat where you are pet is going to sit. This will protect your car’s interior from pet accidents and pet hair. If you are on a long trip, take stops for pee breaks for your pets.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your carpets and car interior will be in top condition for longer and that you will not need to worry about it.

If are not able to manage time for cleaning, because of your hectic schedule call us to solve your problem and reduced the work pressure of your home. Approach all pros cleaners for pet odor removal, they have the best and safe  techniques to deal with it.

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12 Apr 2018
couch cleaning

Couch Cleaning Facts You are not Aware about

Keeping your couch clean is a task and it requires more than regular vacuuming. While you need to consider the fabric of your couch when planning for cleaning, you also want to avoid mistakes to limit the risks of complicated repairs or replacing your furniture.

Couch needs cleaning if you bring them at home:

If you love to have a couch at your home you also need to clean them properly to keep the allergens away from it. The furniture is processed through a chemical called as out-gassing before they leave the company or store. It may cause headaches, allergic reactions, and an unpleasant smell. Cleaning the couch allows you to avoid the discomfort during the initial weeks.

Be Alert about Fluids Never Sit or Soak In Couch:

It very unusual you sit on couch and watch movies on weekends, but always remember whether you accidentally spill wine, coffee, cold drinks spill on your couch or you have a cute cat who decides to pee on your carpet, you should hustle and take fastest steps possible to stop the fluid getting soaked into the couch. If you fail to remove the fluid from the upholstery it will get soaked and penetrate into the upholstery stuffing. If this case happens this situation will become more problematic for you, as you cannot neutralize the odors easily and may need to remove or replace the couch stuffing and will produce an unpleasant smell. It also becomes more difficult to clean if you do not clean it immediately because it soaks in deeper and spreads through the furniture.

Some Materials Require Technical Cleaning arrangement:

Couch covers a variety of materials. Actually, it depends on the type of material used to cover the upholstery furniture, the cleaning process may differ. You need to analyze the material to use proper cleaning liquid solution and proper cleaning technique. Proper care is to be taken for natural materials like leather, which may require replenishing the oil in the material after cleaning.

Cleaning couch and their fabrics are a hellacious task and trust me not only about vacuuming your furniture and carpets. In few cases, you need to be knowledgeable about the materials and the cleaning liquids to keep your couch clean. When you have concerns about the process of cleaning your furniture or carpets, a professional may provide the assistance you need for your goals.

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06 Apr 2018
tile & grout cleaning

Home Tips for tile and grout cleaning

A tile floor is one of the important assets that in which you invest while making your dream house. It looks great and prevents the risk of water damage to carpets. However, they are a variety of tiles available in the market but tile flooring can be difficult to keep clean and looking nice. The grout between the tiles can especially be a challenging task. Here are some home tips for tile and grout cleaning and to maintain your beautiful tile for long time.

1. Dry floors: As soon water spills on the floor, clean the floor immediately with a dry cloth because the water can attract dirt and the dirt may soak into the floor. This goes for when you finish mopping as well! Once you’ve rinsed away any cleaner residue, dry your floors so they don’t attract more dirt. so always take a quick step to clean the wet floor.

2. Rugs at high traffic areas: Rugs can be very useful at floor especially at the location of maximum traffic is expected. Door entrance should have a rug which will help you to protect the tile and grout from dust. You can also add a mat or rug in the kitchen in front of the sink to help keep splashes from soaking into your tile.

3. Daily vacuum is good: Vacuuming is the best way to remove loose dirt and dust from your tile floors. If you do vacuuming on daily basis it helps you to get rid of dirt before it’s ground into your floors by people walking on them. Additionally, if you are a pet owner, you probably know that pet hair just sort of floats around on furniture as well as on the hard surface, and dust from your tile floors.

So if you do not use vacuum daily, it’s better you start doing on a daily basis so it will help you maintain your tile and groups for a longer period.

4. Rinse with water: Always keep a note as you finish mopping, rinse the tiles with clean water to remove the cleaner liquid residue. Just as you do spills, after you wipe up a spill, you use a damp rag to wipe the area again just to make sure there’s nothing left to soak into your tile.

5. Periodic professional cleaning: The best cleaning can be provided by the professionals. They have the tools to remove the dirt and grime that you never could using the mop at home. They also provide customize services at flexible timings. As they are armed with enhanced equipment that finishes that task faster than DIY. And they deliver desired results. This is because they use a multi-step process to make sure that everything gets totally clean. They start spraying with formulated solutions on the floor and scrubbing the lines between the tiles with a bristle brush.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to maintain your tiles and grout. To know more about tile and grout cleaning services click here.

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30 Mar 2018
Power washing

Power washing is best cleaning option?

Power washing is also called as pressure washing, helps you to save time and effort give effortless cleaning to the exterior of your home or commercial building. A power washer can remove molds, dirt, and debris from the surface. The water pressure is so fast that it can hurt any person who comes in front of the flow, and even clan break glasses of the window. So it is very important to control the pressure range and use according to the area requirement.

Power washing is the best solution for commercial buildings, here are 5 advantages of commercial power washing cleaning.

1. Make your roof looking always new: For the commercial buildings with a traditional elevated roof, a commercial power washing treatment can give them a new look. Molds and stains on the roof can be removed easily without causing any damage to the roof material, which can save your money from new roof installation.

2. The first impression is your last impression: Would you feel good if your customers are walking in through a dingy parking lot? A clean parking lot or exterior of the building is kept clean it leaves a good impression on customers. Power washing exterior or parking lots will remove dust, dirt, discarded gums, oil stains and grime.

3. Thorough restoration of siding: Mold and mildew can grow on your building’s siding, giving it a dull look. With a commercial pressure washing treatment, your siding will look new.

4. Landscapes are protected by commercial power washing: At Allpro our team is specially trained for power washing. Additionally, we use biodegradable cleaning products that specifically removes grime, but that will not ruin your landscaping investment.

5. Rinsing is critical: Professional commercial power washing teams know that the finish is in the rinse. A three-step rinsing process ensures that the siding, roof or concrete that is being treated as the best final result.

At Allpro we believe in customer satisfaction, so we have made many happy customers in Bakersfield. We provide services in Bakersfield as well as in the surrounding areas. We provide best in rates for the services. We are available 24 hours a day and offer same-day service for our work. We are renowned cleaners, fully licensed and insured.

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21 Mar 2018
Rug cleaning

Advantages of professional rug cleaning

Home is the place where you can find eternal peace, so it is very important to keep your home neat and clean to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. As it is said your home reflects your personality and lifestyle. Rug cleaning is an important routine and should be followed by everyone. If one avoids regular cleaning the dust keeps on gathering inside the fabric. Replacing rugs is expensive so its good you take care and save your money. Many people think that vacuuming is an overall solution for cleaning and it will remove all dirt from the rug but if not given proper attention many problems can be faced in future. It has been proved that it triggers some serious health issues like allergies and asthma.

There are many advantages of professional cleaning:

* As we all know no one can perform best as professionals can do. Professional rug cleaners work with scrutiny they never cut down corners. All Pros cleaners remove all dust particles, water damage, greasy stains etc. Rugs have such type of fabric which easily attracts the dust, pet dander and many other dirt fragments towards it. Vacuuming will not remove the stains and the deepest dirt.

* Professional cleaners provide customize cleaning and work as per customers requirement. They work with powerful gadgets that easily deals with the tough stains. As they use hi-tech machines for cleanings it’s less time-consuming.

* Usually mold and mildew are called as rug invaders. They keep on coming again and again after several attempts of cleaning whenever drying process is not done properly. Professionals always make sure each and every step to be completed properly and rug do not become oversaturated and removed with heavy suction power.

*  It is good to take self-initiative for vacuuming but only vacuuming will only remove dirt and dust leaving the grime and stains behind attached to the fabric of the rug. It is advisable to clean your rug by the professionals so your rug gets a proper care and attention. A professional cleaner has advanced machines which evict deeply layered dirt. Intense cleaning is done by the professional cleaners so very less chance of bacteria, which will make a hygienic air to breathe.

All in all, professionals are always professionals because of their expertise, one should always appoint professional cleaners once a year for proper cleaning of their rug. Let our cleaning in Bakersfield and surroundings help you keep your most heavily trampled pieces dirt-free and smelling fresh. We provide flexible booking slots.

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17 Feb 2018
power washing

Power Washing, best for commercial areas

Power washing is the best way to improve the ambiance of your company or organization. Power washing is highly in demand when it comes to a proper and safe cleaning at commercial areas. In power washing, high-end devices or spray is used to clean the place. Doing power washing at your location is a good idea because it gives a great cleaning with safety measures, it removes all type of dirt and mold from the exterior as well as from interior at your commercial area.

1. Easy Cleaning:

Cleaning is a very annoying job for everyone, one has to spend his whole day in cleaning the walls and floors with scrub bar. If your house is big then it becomes a headache for you to clear out the larger places and it’s a time-consuming job. But selecting power washing will help you by simply applying water force to the surface without any manual force. Power washing is cost effective.

2. Less Time Consumption:

The best thing about Power Cleaning is easy to do and that too in less time. Even if you do not have time for that you can go for the professionals, they can manage this work easily and can complete faster than you because experience does everything easy and faster for them. Professionals work at their best they work with scrutiny.

3.Boost You Building Appearance:
Most people judge the building or the area by its looks and cleanliness around it. So, it is very important for one to keep their commercial buildings and surroundings clean and green. Power is a good idea for the commercial buildings because it gives a positive impression.

4. Power Wash is Equal to Complete Clean:

Power washing is the best way to tackle the dust and the types of grasses growing between the tiles and many more. Power washing helps in cleaning concrete bricks and stone-clad. Power washing is used for walkways and sidewalk cleaning. Even mechanics have started using power washing in garages to wash vehicles. The main reason behind this is it easily cut the most stubborn dust and easily clean large spaces in minutes.

5. Healthy Employee:

Power washing helps your building to stay clean, it removes dirt and grime from the walls. Clean building and clean workplace less chance of getting affected and the chance of more productivity.

Always prefer a professional service cleaning agency because they can perform all cleaning task properly to keep your office maintained. If once give contract then its there concern. they look after all the areas which need care and they keep dust free walls. If you are looking for a professional cleaning service contact All Pros Carpet cleaners, we have specially trained workers with hi-tech gadgets. We work with flexible timings.

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