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How can you choose rugs for bedrooms?

Which is the best rugs for bedrooms? How we can choose rugs for bedrooms? These are some frequently asked questions to us. If you also have same question, don’t worry sit and go through to the guidance on the subject shared through this blog.

Even though selecting a rug for your bedroom seems quite simple and straight forward, it’s often isn’t it. You just go the rug, carpet shop, and select the one, which appeals you the most, achieving instant success. However, in reality it can be very different. After bringing rug at home it also brings huge cleaning responsibilities. It is good if clean your rug regularly by home hacks but professional rug cleaning is important once a year. There are many advantages of professional rug cleaning.

So, let’s see how to select a rug for a room.

How to select a rug for your bedroom?
When you visit a rug, shop to buy a rug for your bedroom you should remember to bear the following things in your mind:

Light: Your room is exposed on which side? If your room is directed towards the north the natural light, you get will be cold, so try to avoid buying cold colors. Otherwise, you risk creating an unwelcoming atmosphere.

Color schemes: You can get tempted to the rug that is consistent with the color shade of your bedroom. Still this idea should be pondered carefully. Because very close match can make the room look neutral and boring. Always remember a strong contrast can create a positive vibrations and vibrant atmosphere.

Rug color: There are no specific rules for selecting the color of the rug. Simply bear the established rules of interior design in your mind. If your bedroom is too small, a dark rug will tend to absorb more light, making the room feel smaller. On the other hand, a very bright rug will brighten up the atmosphere.

Rug dimensions: Dimension of rug depends upon your requirement and budget. If you get a bigger carpet than your requirement, don’t worry place it partly under the bed.

Rug material: Materials depend upon the style you originally adopted for your bedroom, also on the current texture.

How to choose rugs for bedroom?
There are various styles of rugs. But here I’ll talk about the mainly preferred rugs. Let’s see which are they:

It depends on the decor of your bedroom. Here are some styles for suggestion:

Traditional Rug:
If you are a person with traditional taste and traditional furnished room, you might like handwoven Afghan rug. A traditional Mahal rug could be the perfect choice for you. Variety of colors are available in Mahal rugs. From pale color like light blue to very bold like red.

Rugs for bedrooms









Contemporary style:
If you have a bedroom of contemporary look and you prefer minimalist design concepts, you should go with modern rug. Remember that you can even get modern rug that is hand-knotted so there is no chance of compromise in quality.


Rugs for bedrooms








Formal style
If you want to make your room look like Queen Bedroom, then you have two choice that can give your room a rich look.
The first option is luxurious Persian silk rug. Silk rugs are very expensive but their amazing effects and their tactile effect; makes them worth it.

Rugs for bedrooms










The second option you have is; Kilim’s rug. It is considerably cheaper. It is made from a different material and is defined by its appealing designs and attractive colors.

rugs for bedrooms           










Rustic style
If you own a house with rustic and natural style bedroom, then Kilim rug is the best piece of décor for your bedroom. Kilim’s give you wide range of style to choose. From stripes to complex geometric patterns.

rugs for bedrooms









The most important thing is that you like your rug and feel comfortable with your choice. After all, there are few things worse than an unwanted item in the bedroom.

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