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27 Jul 2018
Types of Rugs & its Caring Tips

Types of Rugs & Its Caring Tips

Do you want to make your house look beautiful?

The rugs are the best option for you. Rugs make our house look beautiful and classy. However, rug cleaning is an important part to maintain your rugs.

By providing Professional Rug Cleaning you can make sure that your rug remains beautiful and functional for as long as possible.

Our expert at All Pro Carpet & Tile Care will determine an appropriate cleaning process for your rug based on its individual characteristics, such as its type, material, origin, and dyes.

Natural Fibers Rugs

Insects, plants or animals produce natural fibers. The fiber which produced by insects or animal is known as a protein fiber. Those fibers that created by plants, which are known, as cellulosic or vegetable fiber.

Cellulosic and protein fiber have a common disadvantage is that they both are very absorbent. They will extend drying time when cleaned.

Types of Rugs & its Caring Tips

This can cause to shrinking which is not acceptable for your rugs.

Protein Rugs produced by an insect of animals including wool, silk, and hair.

Our professional cleaner will provide you best cleaning on basis of your fabric and condition of your rug.

Rug Care Tips

The best and basic way of cleaning your rug is to keep it away from the dirty place.

Barefoot or Sock foot traffic is much more gentle on a rug than a hard outdoor shoe sole.

A Rug will be useful for a lifetime and for generations if you care for it properly. Besides that, you need your rugs to get professionally washed and cleaned from time to time.

You can take care of your rugs in the better way by following below-mentioned tips:

  • Rotate Your Rug Periodically
  • Use vacuum on regular basis for your Rug Cleaning. Be careful of fringe and the height of the beater bar.
  • Probably not using a beater bar is most advisable.
  • Use better quality underlay for cleaning your rugs and prevent slippage.
  • Have your Rug Cleaned only when it’s required
  • Remove Outdoor shoes when entering the house to keep your rugs clean and make it away from dirt.

Regular vacuuming is the most essential part of Rug Cleaning to keep your rug in perfect condition. It also helps you to remove dust mites and allergens from the rug to maintain a hygienic environment.

Are you still confused by the type of rugs; furthermore, you need the help of Professional Rug Cleaners. Call All Pro Cleaners and talk with our experts, they can guide you with beneficial tips and can help you with the rug cleaning services. We provide a wide range of rug cleaning services in Bakersfield and nearby areas.

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18 Jun 2018
Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

The Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

  1. Choosing a rug which is too small

Buying small rugs is a leading mistake that usually done by the many homeowners tend to make. Before choosing, you should be sure about the size of the bed, chair, table and sofa amongst any large other items on the floor.

For instance, in a living room where you usually have parties and conversation, a rug should be big enough to ensure that all front legs of any furniture are on it. According to interior designer, you should step on a rug whenever you wake up. It means that it should not be the size of your bed but should be larger. It should at least have an extension of two feet on each side.

  1. Avoid layering

Layering is common mistake people tend to commit. This is an outcome of purchasing a too small rug. Do not buy rugs without knowing the right size of where you want to place it. There are people that cover their rugs using other rug to attempt to make them avoid dirt from kids or pet.

Layering makes your home look unkempt and unattractive. For homes with children, you can purchase a natural jute rug, which is easy to clean when it comes to dirt from kids or pet.

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  1. Afraid of patterns

Most people tend to think that decorating a room in one color or tone will make it beautiful. According to experts, having contrasting colors will create a happier space for you. Do not have brown walls, a brown couch, and a brown rug. This will make your home look flat and bland. Consult an interior designer if you are having trouble finding the right choice of pattern or tone that your room will suit. Be creative and innovative and make your home look like a paradise.

  1. Avoiding a rug pad.

Other things to think about before buying a rug, is rug pad. Rug pads are very important in homes. Rugs are known to dispel sliding and slipping. They make your underfoot maintain comfort, especially if you have a flat weave rug. Do not use rug tape in your home, as it will ruin your hardwood due to its sickness. You can contact your interior designer to ensure you buy the right rug pad for your rug.

Are you in search of professional rug cleaner? Then you are at the right place.

Call All Pro Cleaners and talk with our experts, they can guide you with beneficial tips and can help you with the rug cleaning services. We provide a wide range of rug cleaning services in Bakersfield and nearby areas.

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21 Mar 2018
Rug cleaning

Advantages of professional rug cleaning

Home is the place where you can find eternal peace, so it is very important to keep your home neat and clean to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. As it is said your home reflects your personality and lifestyle. Rug cleaning is an important routine and should be followed by everyone. If one avoids regular cleaning the dust keeps on gathering inside the fabric. Replacing rugs is expensive so its good you take care and save your money. Many people think that vacuuming is an overall solution for cleaning and it will remove all dirt from the rug but if not given proper attention many problems can be faced in future. It has been proved that it triggers some serious health issues like allergies and asthma.

There are many advantages of professional cleaning:

* As we all know no one can perform best as professionals can do. Professional rug cleaners work with scrutiny they never cut down corners. All Pros cleaners remove all dust particles, water damage, greasy stains etc. Rugs have such type of fabric which easily attracts the dust, pet dander and many other dirt fragments towards it. Vacuuming will not remove the stains and the deepest dirt.

* Professional cleaners provide customize cleaning and work as per customers requirement. They work with powerful gadgets that easily deals with the tough stains. As they use hi-tech machines for cleanings it’s less time-consuming.

* Usually mold and mildew are called as rug invaders. They keep on coming again and again after several attempts of cleaning whenever drying process is not done properly. Professionals always make sure each and every step to be completed properly and rug do not become oversaturated and removed with heavy suction power.

*  It is good to take self-initiative for vacuuming but only vacuuming will only remove dirt and dust leaving the grime and stains behind attached to the fabric of the rug. It is advisable to clean your rug by the professionals so your rug gets a proper care and attention. A professional cleaner has advanced machines which evict deeply layered dirt. Intense cleaning is done by the professional cleaners so very less chance of bacteria, which will make a hygienic air to breathe.

All in all, professionals are always professionals because of their expertise, one should always appoint professional cleaners once a year for proper cleaning of their rug. Let our cleaning in Bakersfield and surroundings help you keep your most heavily trampled pieces dirt-free and smelling fresh. We provide flexible booking slots.

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