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More Than Clean 
At All Pro Carpet & Tile Care we understand that you need more than commercial carpet cleaning. You also need to protect your investment by prolonging the life of your carpet. Our long-term carpet protection strategy helps, including the following options designed to benefit your business.

Interim Carpet Cleaning
Every workplace has high-traffic areas that take on the brunt of the dirt. That's why we offer an interim carpet cleaning service. By addressing these areas, we can provide better carpet protection, extend the life of your carpet and make regular cleaning faster and easier. Our interim carpet cleaning service is less hassle than a total cleaning, which is another great reason to give it a try.
Carpet Deodorizer
At All Pro Carpet & Tile care our professional-strength carpet protector neutralize odors by eliminating them at their source. Powerful encapsulating agents work hard to provide instant relief from odor. You get a fresh, clean scent you can trust.
Carpet Protection
After cleaning, we can apply a professional-strength carpet protector that helps your carpet, resist dirt, spills, and daily wear and tear. Safe for people, pets and the environment, our carpet protection acts as a shield around the carpet fibers, making it difficult for dirt to infiltrate. The protector extends the life of your carpet; there is no unpleasant odor; and your carpet stays cleaner longer. Best of all, the added carpet protection provides extra time to clean up any unexpected spills. And, it eliminates pesky static build-up.
Spot Carpet Cleaning
When unwanted spots appear, they demand a little extra attention. Our mild but effective spot cleaning works great on most carpet without breaking down the carpet protection. The solution uses no optical brighteners and is safe for pets, but effectively prevents any spots from turning into full-blown stains.
Wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs. Jobs that are big, and jobs that are small. We want to be your partner in clean, regardless of size or situation. Count on the undisputed leader in commercial carpet cleaning. Call Chris today (a certified technician) at All Pro Carpet & Tile Care.

commercial carpet cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning

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Did a awesome job for “Bakersfield Hall of Records”

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Key Benefits of the Service

Keeping your carpets and rugs clean is one of the most important things you can do to make your house a home. Let our carpet cleaning in Bakersfield help you keep your most heavily trampled pieces dirt-free and smelling fresh.

We perform professional Hot water extraction and Dry carpet cleaning services. Here is what you'll get with each:

  100% satisfaction guarantee
  Fully insured and vetted technicians
  Flexible booking slots
  Fast drying time
  Using the most powerful water extraction method