Pet Odor Removal Bakersfield

All Pros Cleaners Is A Trusted Company Offering Comprehensive Pet Stain And Odor Removal In Kern County.

Why it is needed?

Your pet is your immediate source of joy and happiness and safety. But along with that they also provide you many therapeutic benefits. They can ease your loneliness, reduce stress, encourage playfulness, provide deep affection, and most importantly be your sweet companion. However, on the contrary, they can make it a great challenge to keep your home clean and healthy.

Pet Odor Removal
Pet Odor Removal

Pet Stains & Odors

Pets, especially ones that are left home alone, love to chew on your belongings, get drenched in water/mud and enter the house, spill the edibles, urinate, scratch the carpets and furniture, and everything that involves mess. Most of these activities leave stains and dirt in your home that can be taken care of easily. However, the main concern is stains and odors.

Effective Pet Odor Removal Bakersfield

At times, you will need professionals that along with cleaning provide guaranteed pet stain and odor removal services. This is when All Pros Cleaners comes to play. We offer you the most effective pet stain removal service that helps you get rid of undesirable odors and stains in your home and office.

As Professionals, we do not limit ourselves to cleaning the surface but also take effective measures that can eliminate bacteria and allergens. Our services are backed up by revolutionary cleaning products and tools that we use to remove pet odors from the source.

The Steps We Take To Remove Pet Stains And Odors Are:


1. We go over areas with a Shark Rotary commercial vacuum cleaner.


2. We use the Prochem Everest 650 Truck Mounted System, 31 HP Honda engine, the BEST brand in the industry.


3. Then we pretreat areas extremely well with Odorcide that eliminates the odor.


4. Then we go over all areas extremely well with Odorzyme, which will eliminate stains. Let it dwell as long as possible.


5. Then we pretreat all areas with Prozyme, Extreme Clean, and Advanced Citris Booster.


6. Then we extract using a High Heat rinse that neutralizes the carpet and brings it back to its regular scented way.


7. Then we spray Liquid Alive in all of the areas to eliminate the rest of the odor and make the carpet smell super fresh and clean.


8. Then we groom the carpet to give you that fluffy feeling. Your carpet looks great again. Fans can be used to help dry the carpet.

Recommended Method

This cleaning method is only recommended for professionals, you have to use the right cleaning agents for pet stains and odors. Never use any high ph or high residue product. This would include ammonia and resolve carpet spotter. I have seen many instances where the wrong product caused a urine stain to be permanent. The use of oxygen bleach is also risky on many carpets.

Pet Odor Removal

The longer the product stays in the fiber of your carpet the worse the problem becomes. Professional cleaning is still necessary for overall maintenance every 6-12 months if your pets live in the home. If you cannot remove the stain or odor or both call us at All Pros Cleaners immediately. These techniques we use work very well on pet stains and odors, vomit, or feces on carpet, rugs, or upholstery.

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Angelina Petris

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Angelina Petris

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